The Project Builder guides you through creation of the project

1. It's easy to create a new project using the Project Builder. Enter your project details quickly and simply giving your project a title and start date (tell it your hours of work and any dates when you can't access the site and could impact the timescales of the project).
2. Then create your tasks/phases. It’s really quick! All you do is list the tasks that need to be carried out by entering them into the activity spreadsheet giving each a description, duration and start date and ProjectXpert will build the Gantt chart as you go. You can define the dependencies between the phases to build your Critical Path to define the order in which tasks must occur OR Draw bars and links directly on to screen.
3. To use the software to the max, assign resources (such as materials, labour or plant) to each individual task and ProjectXpert will then give you charts to see where resources are over or under-allocated.


Quicker still with EstimatorXpress

Even easier, if you're using EstimatorXpress you can import your job straight into ProjectXpert and it will create your chart in seconds. It also imports all your resource and cost information.