BuildingWorks will enable you to seamlessly design and cost your building project - connecting everyone in your project team. Soon after you’ll get to integrate Project Management, Health & Safety compliance, Building Contracts and Energy Performance evaluation too. Sounds like a BIM way of working? We call it joined-up thinking and a welcome first in the UK.

In this fast-moving, competitive world, who doesn’t want to improve productivity and reduce costs? Well here’s a brilliant opportunity to future proof your construction business and take it to the next level with BuildingWorks software. All the tools you need, in one place.

So what sets BuildingWorks apart from other CAD and costing software products? Where do we begin? Can you think of any truly integrated system where you draw your construction project using simple CAD tools, and watch the estimate build live on screen – simultaneously showing you the cost of the materials, the labour involved, rates, energy performance and much more? All culminating in a 3D model, a full Bill of Quantities, New Rules of Measurement and detailed costings? We thought not.

We’re talking thousands of products, each one rich in information. Rate after rate after rate. You can swap elements in and out and BuildingWorks will show you the impact on cost and performance in an instant. Rich? This is absolute gold.

Share with the team. Simply ping your BuildingWorks file to colleagues with a BuildingWorks subscription for review and amends. And for those not enjoying the benefits of a subscription to this revolutionary new system, we’ve still got loads of ways of importing and exporting the data to them.

You can access BuildingWorks files from remote devices. You can save to the cloud including Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive. You can instantly access your estimates and plans from any computer which has access to BuildingWorks.

Improved efficiency and sharing information makes the software suite sound all very practical Business Modelling Information (BIM) - and you’d be right. Many see the benefits of BIM as being only for people who work on billion pound Government projects – and they’d be wrong! Even small developments (e.g. a small site of new homes) should want a coordinated, effective, holistic process for getting a project completed on time and on budget. BuildingWorks employs the practical aspects of BIM that promote a new way of working. And of course it’s a head start for when BIM compliance becomes an expectation in the not too distant future.

Our subscriptions are available on Payment Plans to suit you and your cash flow. Simply choose which suites or modules of BuildingWorks you’d like, how many users you want to be able to access the software and for how long. This way you can go at your own pace creating your ideal subscription.

BuildingWorks comes with our Complete Support package and access to the BuildingWorks Academy and all the expert advice it offers. The package includes telephone assistance from our Support Champions, Chat, Remote Access plus access to our handy online Help Desk AND quarterly software updates.

OK if we’ve whetted your appetite then take it to the next stage. Watch a video. Book a webinar. Schedule a demo. Download a free trial. You can’t leave it there? Get BuildingWorks working for you. And when you’re ready – let’s chat. No commitment no pressure.