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    Construction software for general builders

    Let’s cut to the chase. You want to know if BuildingWorks is going to be any good for you. Maybe you are a small(ish) to medium sized building firm? You probably do a mix of extensions, renovations, refurbishment and conversion work – and possibly a few small new build sites?

    If this is you, BuildingWorks is going to be spot on.


    How will it help a residential building firm?

    You might have looked at other more expensive software, or maybe more high end solutions (Revit, AutoCAD or Microsoft Project anyone?!) and you might have even bought them (and maybe you were disappointed)…and maybe heavy training was required? Don’t worry, it’s common, we hear that a lot.

    There are various solutions out there, but non offer the Joined up Thinking of BuildingWorks and its ease of use.

    BuildingWorks will help you cost up your building projects (take-off from a PDF or generate the plan yourself), help you review the specification to get the cost/energy performance balance right, get your company and projects covered health & safety wise (before you start work!), keep the project on track – oh and get paid!

    Please check the modules you are interested in for specific features by checking out the Pricing page and features tables.


    BuildingWorks – Design is the perfect solution if you offer homeowners a Design & Build service. Plans, elevations, 3D models and Photo-realistic 3D visuals for your clients it does the lot. Or if you simply get plans from your client (maybe printed or PDFs), you can bring them in to BuildingWorks, make alterations to the drawings if you need to, trace the rest, and the Estimate module will price it instantly.


    BuildingWorks – Estimate will help you price up the project and then go on to win it with our customer friendly quotes or NRM (SMM7 style/Bill of Quantities) tender documents. It also automatically produces a whole host of useful reports (no typing required) for the business savvy builder, to show you the money you’re likely to make on the job, if you can afford to negotiate at all on price if the customer wants to haggle, your cashflow and gives you more power to bargain with suppliers over materials.

    construction-software-for-general-builders-energy-assessmentsHealth & Safety

    We know it’s not every builder’s top priority, but you know it’s something that needs staying on top of. With BuildingWorks – Health & Safety you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. From your Company Health & Safety Policy, to project specific Pre-Construction Information, Construction Phase Plans and handover Health & Safety Files…Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments and Method Statements – it’s all there for CDM 2015 compliance.

    Project Managementconstruction-software-for-general-builders-project-management

    Got a project, get a plan! BuildingWorks – Project Management offers no-nonsense project management tools to produce a project plan or Gantt chart straight off the back of your estimate to help you bring your project in on time and on budget. All the schedules are time based (with editable dependencies on build phases) too, so if the program changes, so do your materials, labour and plant schedules as well – automatically. So whether you offer your clients a fully managed service, or simply want a schedule of works for your own benefit…BuildingWorks is at your side.


    Energy Performance

    Not everyone’s top priority either, however more and more building firms and their clients want advice from their builder on reducing energy consumption and lowering carbon emissions in their home. Combine BuildingWorks Estimate & Energy Performance modules and discover the best mix of technologies and materials to simply meet RdSAP or FSAP, or improve a projects eco-footprint.

    Building Contractconstruction-software-for-general-builders-building-contracts-screen

    Something that every builder should be interested in. Getting paid. It’s surprising how many firms don’t put building contracts in place with their customers and subcontractors. Don’t end up on the sharp end of cowboy clients, and subcontractors landing you in it when they get a better offer. Before you start a job, get it nailed down with quality building contracts drafted by leading construction lawyers, without the often unpalatable expense of solicitor’s fees!


    Get it now

    BuildingWorks is the sensible solution on both price, ease of use and time to implement.