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Construction software for House Builders and Developers.

Specifically designed for residential developers and house builders of new homes.

If residential new build, apartments or conversions of buildings into flats is what your company focuses on, then BuildingWorks construction software for house builders and developers will suit you down to the ground.

Perhaps you;

  • Build high end projects for private clients?
  • Or maybe you build new homes speculatively?
  • Or maybe you do local authority affordable housing?

construction-software-for-house-builders-and-property-developersHow will it help you?

Running a development firm is a complex business. And an expensive one. The rewards are high if you get it right. But the risks are high too. It’s also quite stressful for all involved.

Every firm’s goal is to improve profitability and to improve productivity, and that is BuildingWork’s simple goal in life.

The BuildingWorks difference is that the end to end process of developing a site or property is all wrapped up within one single interface. Design, Estimate, Energy Performance, Scheduling and Project Management, Health & Safety and Contracts.

You might be looking at other individual platforms such as just CAD, or just Estimating software, and there are certainly some high end packages including BIM (Building Information Modelling), but they are often hard to use, require training and expensive to implement. In fact most supposed “BIM” software packages are individual software which talk to other packages with varying degrees of success.

The key we believe to improving profitability and productivity is down to the efficiencies you’ll see through the deep integration of every stage of your development. Certainly no other solutions offer the “Joined up Thinking” of BuildingWorks.

BuildingWorks will help you develop your housing schemes, draft planning application drawings, get the development priced up in detail, help you review the specification to get the cost/energy performance balance right, comply with SAP, produce profit and cashflow reports, working drawings, material and labour schedules so you know what’s needed where and when, Gantt charts to keep your project on track, get your company and projects health & safety compliant (before you start work!),…and if subcontractors are involved, nail down the contract detail so they don’t leave you in the lurch part way through a project, or suddenly change their terms.

So whether you are part of a connected multidisciplinary construction team or just one supercharged person doing everything, BuildingWorks enables data to be easily shared, saving time, avoiding mistakes, making you more profitable.

BuildingWorks is a truly integrated building information management system. True BIM. Practical BIM. All that said, you can choose which modules will benefit your business and subscribe just to those. We’re flexible!

Please check the modules you are interested in for specific features by checking out the Prices page and features tables.

Construction software for House Builders and Developers-building-plansDesign

BuildingWorks – Design is the perfect CAD solution for developments. Easily produce sketch schemes, building plans, elevations, 3D models and Photo-realistic 3D visuals for clients or planning applications. It does the lot. Or if you employ the services of an outsourced architect (maybe you receive the plans printed or as PDFs or DXF’s/DWG’s), you can bring them in to BuildingWorks, make alterations to the drawings if you need to, trace the rest, and the Estimate module will price it instantly.

EstimateConstruction software for House Builders and Developers-estimates

BuildingWorks -Estimate will help you price up the project either directly from the drawing or quickly built up using our pre-populated residential building rates library. If you are tendering to win a project use the automatically produced customer friendly quotes or NRM (SMM7 style/Bill of Quantities) tender documents. It also automatically produces a whole host of useful reports (no typing required) for the profit focused developer, to show you the money you’re likely to make on the project, whether you can afford to negotiate with your client or where you can negotiate with suppliers and contractors and importantly, gives you a handle on your cashflow.

Construction software for House Builders and Developers-health & safetyHealth & Safety

Health and safety compliance has to be a developer or house builder’s top priority. Your reputation is at risk if you don’t. With BuildingWorks – Health & Safety you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. From your Company Health & Safety Policy, to project specific Pre-Construction Information, Construction Phase Plans and handover Health & Safety Files…Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments and Method Statements – it’s all there for CDM 2015 compliance.

Project ManagementConstruction software for House Builders and Developers-project management

Got a project, you need a plan so you stick to program. BuildingWorks – Project Mangement offers no-nonsense project management tools to produce a Gantt chart straight off the back of your project to help you bring it in on time and on budget. All the schedules are time based (with editable dependencies on build phases) too, so if the program changes, so do your materials, labour and plant schedules as well – automatically. So whether you offer your clients a fully managed service, or simply want schedules of works for site management…BuildingWorks is at your side.

Construction software for House Builders and Developers-energy-performanceEnergy Performance

More and more clients are demanding homes that will reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon emissions. Combine BuildingWorks Estimate & Energy Performance modules and discover the best mix of technologies and materials to simply meet FSAP, or improve a projects eco-footprint – with the most cost effective specification.

Building ContractConstruction software for House Builders and Developers-building-contracts-screen

It’s surprising how many businesses don’t put building contracts in place with their customers and subcontractors. If you specialize in private clients, you’ll know how frequently they change their mind about things and this needs documenting so you don’t end up in an awkward standoff where the client is refusing to pay for something and your company ends up footing the bill for those changes. Equally in this labour market with a shortage of quality trades, subcontractors will go where the money is – and this might mean leaving your site before completion if they’ve had a better offer or putting you over a barrel and charging you more. Hassle everyone can do without. Before you start a job, get it nailed down with quality building contracts drafted by leading construction lawyers, without the often unpalatable expense of solicitor’s fees!

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BuildingWorks is the sensible solution on both price, ease of use and time to implement.