How fast can your building firm respond to change?

Quick takeaways:

  • The building industry needs to respond to a post-Brexit Britain
  • BuildingWorks has the flexibility to respond to change at speed
  • The future is bright with the right tools in your kit

Political U-turns, Brexit chaos, delays and indecision, changes in construction ministers (Nadhim Zahawi MP was appointed in July as the third Construction Minister so far this year!) … I’d be surprised if there is anyone related to the construction industry who isn’t reeling.

One good thing – the delay in VAT reverse charge. As the FMB put it, ‘The Government’s decision to delay by one year the implementation of potentially damaging VAT changes for construction companies is a victory for common sense’.

Survival of the fittest? Brexit boom or bust?

The Telegraph has reported Mace, one of the sector’s biggest players, as saying, “Wafer-thin margins in construction could be wiped out by a no-deal Brexit, causing upheaval in the industry.”

PBC Today has also been surveying the mood with readers of the publication, concluding that, “two-thirds of construction industry professionals are concerned about the outlook for the industry post-Brexit.”

Quick reactions will win the work

You need to stay on your toes. BuildingWorks is the secret weapon in the arsenal of any forward-thinking construction business. With the Design and Estimate modules you can respond quickly to any rethink from a prospective client and any changes in prices.

As the building plan is either being drawn or measured, it calls on a library of over 15,000 data-rich BIM products and nearly 5000 rates to generate a live cost breakdown of materials, labour, rates and energy performance.

Change needn’t be an obstacle

When the job needs altering you can review the design in real-time, swapping products and rates in and out of the project. You can then supply the client with a new quotation, a new full Bill of Quantities (NRM), detailed costings, new build program and full schedule of works itemising everything required to construct the project (materials, labour and plant).

As the market becomes ever more competitive, with everyone vying for few projects, this could set you apart.

Save time designing, specifying and pricing the project

BuildingWorks with spec copy

It’s never been more important to have an efficient process in place to ensure you sustain your business and maintain a decent profit. With BuildingWorks you won’t be duplicating your efforts, keying in all the information at least twice. As every alteration is made, the effect of the change cascades across the entire project.

Is the job still worth your time and effort?

Is the job still viable? Maybe the specification changes will reduce the project’s profit margin. BuildingWorks provides everything you need to evaluate the feasibility and profitability of a project.

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