Popular features which will change your life!

In this fast-moving, competitive world, who doesn’t want to improve productivity and reduce costs? Well here’s a brilliant opportunity to future proof your construction business and take it to the next level with BuildingWorks software. All the tools you need, in one place.

  1. Really fast estimating- Select what you’re building, input your dimensions into simple graphics, and watch the cost immediately calculating on the screen as you go.
  2. Instant take-offs and estimates from your plans – Combine with BuildingWorks – Design and your plan is estimated in an INSTANT or scan and trace existing drawings and your take-off and estimate can be produced in no time! As you draw plans and place smart architectural objects like doors and windows, the program generates a detailed cost breakdown and schedule of materials.
  3. Seamless connectivity – This seamless integration means no loss of data integrity or room for mistakes
  4. Real time review – Swap building products in and out of your estimate to compare how they impact your budget or the U-value or thermal value for real time review of your decisions.
  5. Massive rates library -Comes with a very comprehensive general building & renovation rates library of 3500+ rates plus you can create your own new custom rates or edit library rates to suit.
  6. And a substantial Price Book updated quarterly for free! – No need to faff setting up a Price Book as it comes ready to go with priced “intelligent BIM products” of REAL materials and objects with rich manufacturer product data including size, appearance, waste, thermal properties and more to help define your projects spec.
  7. Instant client quotes – Give your clients accurate estimates with an instantly produced customer friendly quotation which will look like you have spent hours on it!
  8. No typing with instant reports -A whole host of handy reports are automatically produced too. Cost reports, material schedules, profit and cashflow forecasts and more. With spreadsheet style grid and pivot table reports for data mining you can quickly get to the business end of where your costs are going and how to optimize your profits.
  9. Plus automatic NRM/BOQ – And here’s a wow. INSTANT professional quality Bill of Quantity reports production directly from your estimate (NRM – the new replacement for SMM7). Including Elemental BOQ, Work section BOQ, priced or unpriced, with manufacturer brands named or unbranded.
  10. Easy, Powerful CAD Software – Easily draft building plans with automatic 3D models. It’s MUCH faster than other popular CAD packages (and much simpler too!)
  11. Intelligent Building & Design Tools – The software is packed full of simple yet intelligent building design tools, preconfigured specifically for construction, to make drawing build plans easy
  12. Superb construction detailing as standard
  13. Add auto-dimensions
  14. Automatic 3D models and elevations – As you draw your walls, a 3D model is automatically created (textured, solid or wireframe). PLUS, create automatic 2D elevations in just one click straight from your plan!
  15. Instant 3D photo-visualisations – Opt for BuildingWorks Professional and produce instant, impressive, 3D photorealistic models.

Why might YOU be thinking about BuildingWorks?

Wanting relief from start-up stress

You’ve started up your business or taken over the reins and you’re feeling energised but a bit out of your depth pricing work. You’re concerned you might get your estimating wrong and miss things out. Or maybe you want to branch out into different types of work that you’ve no experience of? Buildingworks™ has got your back.

“I haven’t got the experience in this area of building work”
BuildingWorks has got confidence built it. It knows how to build.

BuildingWorks is “builder made” with a whole load of knowledge packed in
You can be sure when you price a job with BuildingWorks, the price is right.

“I’m losing sleep – I’m scared I’m getting my estimates wrong and missing things out…
BuildingWorks has got your back

Feeling the pressure that comes with growth

You’ve been in business for a while and are “doing alright thanks” but you’re stressed by the amount there’s always to do… and the risks are getting higher as the business grows. Many firms become stifled by the managerial and administrative aspects of construction. The business becomes all-consuming and personal life start to suffer. BuildingWorks™ can change that.

“I want my life back”
BuildingWorks will give you time back in spades

“I need to return my quotes to clients before the competition”
BuildingWorks will save you time

So for many builders taking on BuildingWorks is a matter of getting some time back and knowing that the admin is being dealt with. It’ll also help you do your quoting faster than ever so you get your quotes to clients on time (it doesn’t need to take forever with the right tools!) AND with its amazingly integrated project management tools to produce a project plan or Gantt chart straight off the back of your estimate, it’ll help you bring your projects in on time and on budget.

“I need to move on from doing this by hand/spreadsheet”
IT needn’t be complicated or a faff with BuildingWorks

Unable to find enough hours in the day

It’s that simple. You wish you could get more done. You want to be able to plan your projects better. You want space to think. It’s time to get some time back with BuildingWorks™ knowing that the admin is being dealt with.

Flat lining after years in the business

You might be running a great building firm, with a reputation to boot, but where do you go from here? With ever-increasing cost pressures in labour and materials, business running costs such as designers and health and safety advisors etc, and marketing, perhaps it’s harder to make money now? Maybe start-up companies are undercutting you too as their overheads are lower and they win the work. The solution is here.

“I’m up to my eyeballs in work but no idea if I’m making any money til the end of the year”
BuildingWorks will tell you where the money is TODAY.

BuildingWorks can help you be proud of your prices and set you apart from the competition as well as allowing you to be a bit more discerning about the projects you take on. Which are the profitable jobs you should be homing in on?
BuildingWorks can show you.

“How can I compete with builders who just undercut me on price?
BuildingWorks will give you the power

With stunning 3D visuals, full cost breakdowns which demonstrate your experience, impressive, professional customer quotes…all returned to the client before your competition can blink. It can also help you manage costs by keeping you on top of price inflation, detailed materials schedules which give you more power to bargain with suppliers over materials and keep a tight handle on cashflow.