We strive to ensure all our customers feel able to get the absolute best from their BuildingWorks software. As such we have created our Support Service Policy to ensure you get the best service & support you can from BuildingWorks.

  • We constantly publish new resources in a choice of formats in order to improve our customer’s experience using BuildingWorks software. These resources are all available on the Support site. These include:
          • FAQs
          • Troubleshooting Guides
          • How-to Videos
          • Online Software Skills Training
          • Webinars
          • User Guides
  • We welcome feedback from our customers e.g. additional features; support materials requests; software improvements
  • We are committed to taking ownership of our customers’ problems and questions until resolved to their satisfaction.
  • We endeavour to continually improve our understanding of our customers’ business in order to get them back to work as quickly as possible whenever they have a software problem or question.
  • We hope to establish and maintain positive, long-term relationships with our customers through open communication, continuous feedback and accurate recording of any interaction.
  • We aim to provide a consistently excellent and personal level of customer service combined with technical expertise.

Contacting Technical Support

                  • You can contact Technical Support via our dedicated telephone line 0117 916 7888, our email address hello@getbuildingworks.com or online chat via the website www.getbuildingworks.com.
                  • Technical Support is available 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays. If a member of our team is not available immediately, we endeavour to return your call within 2 business hours or you can opt to contact us via chat or email instead.
                  • We aim to answer all calls and chat requests within 30 seconds during the business hours stated above. If a member of our team is not available to immediately resolve your query, we endeavour to return your call or your chat request within 2 business hours.
                  • We aim to acknowledge all Technical Support emails within 2 business hours. Depending on the nature of the issue raised, if the query cannot be resolved immediately, we aim to provide a full response within 1 business day.
                  • If a problem arises which cannot be resolved during the initial call, you will be given a timescale by Technical Support during which may need to conduct further investigation by logging in remotely to your computer or by referring it to another colleague. In this situation, the Technical Support team will get back in touch with you with the solution as soon as possible.
                  • If you are dissatisfied with the solution that Technical Support has provided, you may request that your issue is escalated to a more senior member of staff.

Support Cost and Eligibility

                  • Technical Support is only available to all customers with an active BuildingWorks Subscription.

Maintenance, Updates & Bug Fixes

                  • BuildingWorks is continually looking at ways to improve the software we provide. Each year we release updates which include new features, improved functionality, updated content and bug fixes.
                  • Software Updates are only available to customers with an active BuildingWorks Subscription.
                  • Customers with an active BuildingWorks Subscription will be notified by email when a Software Update is available. This will also contain instructions detailing how to download and install it.