BuildingWorks is licenced on a subscription basis. Unless you cancel your subscription during either the 30 day Premium Trial Period, or provide appropriate notice during your paid-for subscription, your subscription shall be automatically renewed.

How to cancel your BuildingWorks Premium Trial

Really simple! You can cancel by phone by calling 0117 916 7880 at any time during the Premium Trial Period up until 5pm of the last working day of your Premium Trial Period. (Mon-Fri excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Please note that your 30 day Premium Trial will automatically convert to a paid-for subscription UNLESS you provide appropriate cancellation. If you do not terminate as specified here you are then obliged to pay for the whole contract duration.

How to cancel your BuildingWorks Subscription

You may cancel your paid-for Subscription in writing at least 30 days before the end of the Initial Subscription Period or 30 days before the end of any Renewal Period.

Please send your written cancellation to:

Integro Construction Software,
Subscription Services
Future Space,
North Gate (UWE),
Filton Road,
Stoke Gifford,
BS34 8RB

How to amend your BuildingWorks Subscription

If you are simply wanting to amend your subscription you can do this by calling us on 0117 916 7880. Please note that during your Subscription Period you can add additional modules and add additional user licences, but you cannot remove modules already subscribed to, or reduce the number of additional user licences. If you would like to remove modules or reduce the number of licences you can do so BEFORE your subscription period renews. You must do this a minimum of 30 days before the end of your existing subscription period.

Please see our full Subscription Terms and Conditions.