Designed with designers in mind

You’re maybe a freelance “plans drawn” type designer, an architectural technician or maybe you run a small(ish) residential design practice focusing on new builds, extensions and conversions, which is growing and you are looking for an alternative CAD solution to help you deliver a high quality service.

Possibly you are already using Revit, SolidWorks or AutoCAD and you are looking for something lighter weight? We’re told time and again that BuildingWorks is so much easier to learn (especially if you aren’t using the above tools on a day to day basis). And if residential development design is your business then you need efficient tools to draft plans for a house, not to design a rocket!

How will it help you?

Firstly BuildingWorks is vastly more efficient for residential design with all the inbuilt construction drawing tools and detailing than the “heavy weight” alternatives. It makes drafting domestic project plans infinitely quicker to do, increasing your productivity. Plus there’s no massive training requirement, nor hefty cost of implementation.

Secondly, BuildingWorks is more than CAD. BuildingWorks will help you leverage your design services to make them more profitable whether your clients are homeowners or building firms (or both!) by enabling you to provide the price of the project – complete with a customer-friendly cost breakdown and if required, NRM/Bill of Quantities. You’ll also be able to advise on the U values and compare cost versus thermal performance of the choice of build method.

Efficiencies through REAL integration

Some call it BIM (Building Information Modelling or Management). We simply call it Joined Up Thinking. BuildingWorks offers deep integration. Here’s how it links up.

You can draft your plans (with automatic elevations and 3D models) in BuildingWorks – Design module, and all the while it is building up the specification and detailed costings in BuildingWorks – Estimate module (no import/export, meaning no loss of data integrity).

So, whether you are part of a connected multidisciplinary construction team or just one supercharged person doing everything, BuildingWorks enables data to be easily shared, saving time, avoiding mistakes, making you more profitable.

In addition, BuildingWorks is a truly integrating building information management system. True BIM. Practical BIM. All that said, you can choose which modules will benefit your business and subscribe just to those. We’re flexible!

You can check the modules that interests you for specific features by checking out the Prices page and features tables.


BuildingWorks – Design is the perfect CAD solution for developments. Easily produce sketch schemes, building plans, elevations, 3D models and Photo-realistic 3D visuals for clients. It does the lot. Drawings are suitable for planning applications and building control.


BuildingWorks – Estimate prices up the project directly (and instantly!) from the drawing using our pre-populated
residential building rates library. Is your client is tendering to win a project?  You can charge them for NRM (SMM7 style/Bill of Quantities) tender documents. As well as, you can produce “customer friendly” detailed cost breakdowns for homeowners instantly.


Get it now

BuildingWorks is the sensible solution on both price, ease of use and time to implement.