Construction software for general builders

Let’s cut to the chase. You want to know if BuildingWorks is going to be any good for you. Maybe you are a small(ish) to medium sized building firm? You probably do a mix of extensions, renovations, refurbishment and conversion work – and possibly a few small new build sites?

If this is you, BuildingWorks is going to be spot on.

How will it help a residential building firm?

You might have looked at other more expensive software, or maybe more high end solutions (Revit, AutoCAD or Microsoft Project anyone?!) Did you buy them? (and found it disappointing? )…and heavy training essential? However, don’t worry, it’s common, we hear that a lot.

There are various solutions out there. However, none offer the Joined up Thinking of BuildingWorks and its ease of use.

BuildingWorks will help you cost up your building projects (take-off from a PDF or generate the plan yourself), help you review the specification to get the cost/energy performance balance right, get your company and projects covered health & safety wise (before you start work!), keep the project on track – oh and get paid!

Please check the modules you are interested in for specific features by checking out the Pricing page and features tables.


BuildingWorks – Design is the perfect solution if you offer homeowners a Design & Build service. Plans, elevations, 3D models and Photo-realistic 3D visuals for your clients it does the lot. Or if you simply get plans from your client (maybe printed or PDFs), you can bring them in to BuildingWorks, make alterations to the drawings if you need to, trace the rest, and the Estimate module will price it instantly.


BuildingWorks – Estimate will help you price up the project and then go on to win it with our customer friendly quotes or NRM (SMM7 style/Bill of Quantities) tender documents. It also automatically produces a whole host of useful reports (no typing required) for the business savvy builder. This shows you the money you’re likely to make on the job, if you can afford to negotiate at all on price if the customer wants to haggle, your cashflow and gives you more power to bargain with suppliers over materials.


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Thus, BuildingWorks is the sensible solution on both price, ease of use and time to implement.