How does BuildingWorks compare to PlanSwift?

If you are considering take-off software for construction, you’ll find BuildingWorks is top rated for taking off plans of residential buildings in the UK. BuildingWorks can help in ways that PlanSwift may not include.

More than simply calculating areas, lengths and counts of objects, BuildingWorks actually does the estimating for you instantly.  Including all the costed, specified rates AND the software produces the fully detailed cost reports, quote for your clients AND NRM BoQs.

This is how straightforward it is:

  • Import your plan (PDF/DWG/DXF or other image file into BuildingWorks
  • Trace over your plan, clicking around your drawing having chosen the take-off tool relevant to the item you taking off e.g. Brick and Block wall or Timber Frame Wall.
  • It INSTANTLY calculates the geometry e.g. the length and area of the wall AND all the quantities and costs of EVERYTHING involved to build it using your chosen specification (including labour, materials and plant)

So how does BuildingWorks compare to PlanSwift?

  • BuildingWorks works in metric. PlanSwift simply calculates (in imperial – feet and inches) lengths, areas etc…
  • All the costed rates data is built into BuildingWorks – no databases or complicated formulas for you to enter like you do in PlanSwift’s Microsoft Excel style data entry sheets
  • Use the BuildingWorks rates and specifications out of the box and fully customise if you wish
  • When counting objects such as windows BuildingWorks automatically nets them off your wall or roof areas. No need to do a separate exercise of “cutting out” the area like in PlanSwift
  • Having traced your plan get automatic on-board full 3D models and elevations rather than exporting to other CAD products like you do with PlanSwift
  • And get instant on-board material schedules, detailed cost reports, client quotations and NRM BoQs with BuildingWorks. Thus, no need to export data to other programs.
  • Plus BuildingWorks boasts a clean, modern interface!

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