Is it a free trial or a paid trial?

Yes it is a free trial. Both types of trial whether it is for Estimating software and / or  Design/CAD software are free of charge. With the 30-day trial you simply provide your payment details to qualify for 30 days of free usage rather than 14 days.

Is there more than one trial type?

Yes you can opt for a Premium Trial for 30-days which gives you full access including multi user capacity and the opportunity to print and export. It requires you to input payment details.

The standard 14-day trial and is for a single user. It doesn’t require you to input your payment details, but you cannot print or export.

Again whether you go for a trial of estimating software or design or CAD software with all its BIM capabilities – you can put every combination to the test during the free trial.

Do you offer a familiarisation session?

The 30-day trial automatically comes with a session that helps you to quickly and easily get to grips with the basics of the platform.

What support do you provide during the trial?

We’re with you all the way throughout your free trial. With the 30-day trial you can call us, chat to us online, and request remote assistance. With the 14-day trial you can request support by phone and email.

Can I cancel my trial?

Of course, but we hope you won’t need to! You may cancel by phone by calling 0117 916 7880 at any time during the BuildingWorks Premium Trial Period (up to and including the last day until 5pm of the Premium Trial Period).

At least one email reminder will be sent to you before expiry of the Trial Period (receipt of which will be deemed to have occurred within one hour of being sent) to remind you when the subscription will commence.

Can more than one user trial BuildingWorks?

During your BuildingWorks Premium Trial configuration you can choose multiple licences so that you and other team members (authorized users) can co-trial it with you. These operate on a named concurrent user basis.

If you choose multiple licences during your Premium Trial configuration only that number can use it at the same time. E.g. you might choose 3 licences. However there is nothing stopping you installing more than that number on other machines e.g. 5 computers but you would need to move the licences between the 5 computers – only 3 can use it at one time.

What forms of help are there?

There’s a wealth of resources including telephone, email, chat as well as our Help Desk website which is packed with videos, FAQs, and much, much more! Want to know more about platform for BIM use? Just ask. Want to know about its CAD capabilities? Just ask. Once you’re a subscriber you can also join the BuildingWorks Academy to make sure you keep up to date with latest hints and tips.

What’s the BuildingWorks Help Desk?

You can access a wide range of support resources as well as our Instant Chat and our online ticketing system. Here you’ll find How-to videos, Frequently Asked Questions, Online Training, our Forum, Update News Got a question? You can chat with us or create a Support Ticket and track its progress online.

To start your Premium 30-day trial, go here.

To start your 14-day trial, go here.