BIM software isn’t just for the large construction firms…

BIM software should be available to all SME businesses involved in construction, however small, because BIM saves money, increases efficiency and integrates the building process. Which is why we created BuildingWorks.

We say so long as you want to make your building projects more streamlined and efficient from start to finish – all of it – the planning, design, estimating, construction and management – then you’re big enough. In fact, there’s a school of thought that smaller firms working on smaller projects have more to gain from BIM than larger firms working on larger projects.

Size isn’t everything

OK, larger companies have the benefit of lots of resources, like an IT department and training programmes. But, with BuildingWorks you don’t need an intensive training course to realise the benefits of BIM. It’s very straightforward.

Joanna Mulgrew Operations Director said: “BIM is suitable for all size of projects. It is not defined by the number of people on a project team, nor is the size of the project’s budget or square meterage a determining factor for ‘doing BIM.’

“It’s about a work process; a coordinated, effective, holistic approach to getting a project completed.”

Every project deserves improved efficiency, the sharing of information, lower costs and faster delivery in equal measure. In addition, the opportunity  to combine the efforts of people, process and technology should be there for everyone.

What makes BuildingWorks so special?

BIM thinking

BuildingWorks has been hailed a game changer for SME construction companies, developers, surveyors and architects. It’s the first integrated platform of its kind, seamlessly bringing together CAD, estimating, project management and more, with one set of data flowing through the whole project from concept to completion. No more importing and exporting, double entry and inevitable errors. We believe it marks the end of the current fragmented approach to construction.

A huge, comprehensive BIM library

The software has been developed to serve every area of the construction process from a single source of data. The platform holds 15,000 materials, close on 5000 rates within 3500 assemblies and over 1000 specifications.

BIM Software

Furthermore, this joined up thinking means that as you draw or measure the building plan in the Design Module you specify data-rich objects to generate a ‘live’ analysis of costs at the same time in the Estimate Module – including materials, labour, rates and energy performance – plus a 3D model. And that’s whether you’re building a housing development, a one-off new build or an extension.


Review to reduce costs or change energy performance

Moreover, you can then review the design in real-time. Swapping products in and out of the project to compare how they impact on budget or U-value.

There isn’t any other BIM software like this aimed at the smaller end of the construction sector. Watch one of our short videos, take a look round the website, talk to one of the team on 0117 916 7880 or get instant access to a free trial here. We look forward to hearing from you!