Design. Cost. Control. Live estimating for construction firms.

To know the cost of your build as you design it is to have real control. After all, what is a design on its own? A what-if. A vision without a price tag.

You know the dimensions of the rooms, you know where you’re putting the windows, the doors, the plumbing, the electrics – but your material choices are what really matter.

Let’s imagine you’re in your cad software, drafting a 4-bed house. Wouldn’t it be great if an onscreen window appeared alongside your drawing to tell you the cost of everything as you draw? Let’s envisage that you’re drawing the wall. You’ve marked out the room. The magic on-screen window is telling you…

“Ok so this internal wall –

  • I thought this particular Gyproc square edge wallboard, this Gyproc adhesive, this Thistle multi-finish plaster and this Thistle tape
  • It comes to £172.55 for the 11.32 square metres you need
  • Oh and the wastage will be another £2.49
  • And the plasterer and his mate will come to £122.82 based on the time it will take them
  • Also I’ve calculated the wear and tear on the equipment they’ll be using
  • And your profit margin…
  •  Its thermal performance will be XYZ. Happy?”

All of that from the few lines you’ve drawn on your screen. Imagine.

You might be happy with the selection, or you might want to swap in another material based on its price or the thermal performance. Or you might decide to wait until the design is complete, and then go back in to tweak either the dimensions or the materials.

And the same applies to the foundations, the external walls, the roof, the stairs, the flooring and so on and so on.

Well imagine no more.

Live estimating for construction firmsDrafting and estimating in real-time

Welcome to BuildingWorks and two of its modules, Design and Estimate. Together this totally integrated software system provides seamless connectivity.

No one else in the UK is offering the opportunity to draw your construction project using simple CAD tools whilst watching a 3D model and estimate build live on screen – simultaneously showing you the cost of the materials, the labour involved, the rates, energy performance and much more.

AND culminating in a full Bill of Quantities (New Rules of Measurement) and detailed costings.

Live estimating for construction firmsJoined up thinking (or BIM)

It may sound all very BIM-like and if that’s what you want – that’s what it is. To us it’s joined up thinking. Moreover, BuildingWorks employs all the practical aspects of BIM but essentially it’s a coordinated, effective, holistic process for getting a project completed on time and on budget. And that’s a way of working that any building firm would welcome.

Design. Cost. Control. With BuildingWorks the power is with you.

BuildingWorks is a unique desktop subscription package with outstanding support. For further information call 0117 916 7880 and speak to one of the team or email or try it now.