“Digital should be a seamless part of everything we do”

‘Digital should be a seamless part of everything we do’. It’s a statement that could easily have been made by Joanna Mulgrew Integro Construction Software’s Operations Director.

It was actually expressed by Cheryl Millington during her time as the Chief Digital Officer at Travis Perkins plc. In an interview with The Telegraph newspaper, she added, “Organisations need to understand their customers better, provide more personalised services for them, and focus on their purchase journey, end to end.”

“Data, customer experience, fulfillment, technology and experimental ways of working will be critical if businesses are to succeed in the future.”

Adding, “That digital is all about technology – it’s not, it’s about being customer-centric. We need to continuously innovate to provide easier, faster and more simple experiences.”

Seamless digital construction

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Because BuildingWorks construction software is a practical, hardworking digital solution for the industry. Good news for general building firms and property developers up and down the United Kingdom. Because we’re doing the innovating for you.

With its integrated design and estimating process our BuildingWorks software platform provides a ‘better way of working’.

As the building plan is either being drawn or measured, it calls on a library of over 15,000 data-rich BIM products and nearly 5000 rates. It then generates a live cost breakdown of materials, labour, rates and energy performance – plus a 3D model.

Onboard 3D with hover | Construction Software for Builders

Joanna Mulgrew explains, “It’s no surprise BuildingWorks has been hailed a game changer. We believe this ‘joined up thinking’ marks the end of the current fragmented approach to construction. It’s true ‘digital construction’.”

We’d like to think Ms Millington would be impressed – by this and by the amount of female talent in the HBXL Group…

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