Most cutting-edged software construction software platform 2017

TMT Technology, a global media and technology publisher, has identified Integro Construction Software (a member of the HBXL Group) as an innovative business providing new cutting-edge techniques, through the revolutionary new BuildingWorks construction software platform. TMT search out companies worldwide who have used advances in technology to provide cost-effective efficiency. So no surprise they found us in the UK! We were very happy to give them the full story.

BuildingWorks construction software platform

Here’s their glowing profile on us:

“Provided by HBXL Group, BuildingWorks™ is the UK’s first fully integrated, subscription-based construction software platform for designing, estimating and project managing new builds, extensions, conversions and refurbishments. We profile this innovative solution to find out more.

“Launched this year, BuildingWorks’ revolutionary ‘software as a service’ product provides access to a user-friendly system offering 2D/3D design, photo realistic visualization, automated estimating, health and safety management, energy performance analysis/SAP, building contracts and project planning and management, plus procurement (linked to real product data).

“Such seamless integration combined with the practical aspects of BIM represents a new way of working. Now firms can enjoy a co-ordinated, holistic process for getting a project completed on time and on budget.

“Subscribers can easily draw plans using simple CAD tools, whilst the estimate and build program builds live on screen. Simultaneously showing cost of the materials, the labour involved, rates, time to build, energy performance and more. All culminating in a 3D model, a full Bill of Quantities (New Rules of Measurement) and detailed costings.

“Importantly, unlike any other product on the UK market BuildingWorks™ comes with a ready to use library of priced ‘intelligent BIM products’ – REAL materials and objects with rich manufacturer product data including size, appearance, waste, thermal properties and more to help define the project specification.


“Provider the HBXL Group, of which Integro Construction Software is a member, has been innovating to meet the needs of the construction industry for nearly twenty years, collecting many accolades along the way. The Group’s vision is to provide the best in class construction software and solutions in the UK; identifying, developing and harnessing the latest technology to improve working processes.

“Historically, the SME construction sector has been resistant to engaging with IT. However, HBXL’s unique market leading suite of software and dedicated technical support team has seen thousands of building firms embracing the time and cost saving benefits of the HBXL products; leading them to improve their productivity and profitability.

“Overall, BuildingWorks™ is an excellent example of pioneering digital construction. It has been seven years in development in conjunction with the Technology Strategy Board, University of West of England and Innovate UK and is becoming the talk of both construction and technology industries.”

What can we say? They’re spot on! If you’d like to grill us further on our new-construction-award-winning-software, give us a call on 0117 916 7880. As well as, you can take a look round the website at the features that will transform construction firms. Alternatively you can put the software through its paces with a 30-day trial!