New software to help SME Builders realise ‘BIM’ potential

The first details of an exciting new software suite for the build sector have been disclosed. Watch the video below and read on to find out more regarding the New software to help SME Builders..

Designed specifically for SME build companies.  The new package has been developed by Integro Construction Software, a sister company of HBXL.

Called BuildingWorks it has been created for those interested in maximising the benefits of using Business Information Modelling (BIM) as part of their day-to-day operation and will be fully released in early 2017.

It is seen as a means for build firms to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve quality of work. Moreover, BIM working practice now forms part of the Government’s mandate on all public sector construction projects.

This means all building firms looking to carry out public sector work will need to operate using BIM. The Government is also keen to move the whole industry over to this way of working within the next few years.

With BIM possessing genuine benefits for those not involved with public sector projects, the team at Integro are now advising that builders take a look now and start adapting the way they operate in line with this new way of working.

What is BIM?

For those who are unsure what BIM is, it’s best described as a way of working as a team. Using intelligent 3D modelling software it pulls together all the planning, design, estimating, construction and management elements of a building project.

New software to help SME Builders

The improved efficiency and sharing of information then creates value from the combined efforts of people, process and technology.

Already established amongst many big firms! The release of BuildingWorks will now help SME build firms adapt seamlessly the way they adjust towards BIM.

Joanna Mulgrew product development director at Integro said: “Many SME build firms will be asking why should they adopt to a BIM way of working. Our view is there are many benefits including lower costs and faster delivery.

“BIM is suitable for all size of projects. Besides, the number of people on a project team does not define it. Neither, is the size of the project’s budget or square meterage a determining factor for ‘doing BIM.’

“BIM is a work process, used as coordinated, effective, holistic process for getting a project completed”. Furthermore, a team of building experts put it together with help of specialists from University of the West of England.

Further, BuildingWorks will potentially help SME builders deal with complicated issues on an easy to use interface.



Joanna added: “BuildingWorks provides a new way of working and is a first for practical BIM. As you draw your construction project using simple CAD tools, the estimate builds live on screen – simultaneously showing you the cost of the materials, the labour involved, rates, energy performance and much more.

“This culminates in a 3D model, a full Bill of Quantities, New Rules of Measurement and detailed costings.

“There are no imports or exports. It’s all there. Users can choose from thousands of products, each one rich in information. They can swap elements in and out. BuildingWorks will show you the impact on cost and performance in an instant.

“Just as in big firms, implementing BIM in small firms mostly means getting people to adapt to a new work process and training them to work with new tools.

“The purpose of Building works is for SME’s are able to meet the Government’s ambitious target. Thus, as a fully integrated, seamless suite of software it makes it easy to share information across the whole team.”

Furthermore, Jo is hoping BuildingWorks will help boost the SME construction sector.  Enabling businesses to compete for contracts arising from Government projects requiring BIM. As well as, responding to the many changes in construction health and safety legislation and building regulations.

Moreover, she added: “BuildingWorks will help builders fulfil their potential. The quick progression for the industries requires businesses to quickly adapt their ways.

“Those worried about cost, BuildingWorks will be available from £30 + VAT per month and is a very affordable solution to working in the 21st Century.”

Finally, if you’d like to know  more about how the BuildingWorks software suite could help your business give us a call on 0117 916 7880 or get your trial now!