Project costing software that sums up fast estimating

There’s never been anything like it on the market. Any builder, estimator, architect or property developer who has ever used any kind of cost estimator, takeoff cum construction estimating software will not have experienced project costing on this level before.

BuildingWorks is a suite of fully integrated, subscription-based software for design, cost and control of your domestic construction projects, combining Practical BIM features. Here we’re focussing on the Estimate module which project costing for new builds, extensions, conversions and refurbishments using a seriously large rates library, and an amazing knowledge of the building industry. This is an estimator you really want on your team! 4-estimating-software-for-construction-massive-rates-library-smaller

Really fast estimation software

You simply select what you’re building and input your dimensions alongside graphics of the relevant stage of the build. If setting up a Price Book has been the bane of your life, then that’s reason enough for subscribing to BuildingWorks! It comes ready to go with REAL materials and objects with rich manufacturer data including size, appearance, waste, thermal properties and more to help you define your product spec. And it’s updated quarterly free of charge.

Live estimating

Clever in-built calculators do the sums, working out the materials involved, labour, rates, plant, wastage and much more. As you type in each dimension, so the estimate builds live on screen. It instantly shows you the impact your decisions are making. Not surprisingly an estimate can take shape in a matter of minutes. project costing-Substantial Price Book updated quarterly for free!

Completely customisable

Moreover, BuildingWorks selects the most typically used building products, that meet the general performance standards for Part L, are value for money and so on. But of course you can swap materials in and out of your estimate to achieve your particular aims. The estimate module comes with a comprehensive general building and renovation rates library – 3500 and counting! And there’s a facility to create your own library or edit ours. You can ‘bespoke’ the software with new rates, material prices, labour (including productivity), plant, profit margins, wastage factors – all you want.

Comprehensive documents

With all the dimensions input, you’ll automatically wind up with a 3D model, a full Bill of Quantities (New Rules of Measurement) and detailed costings. It instantly produces a customer-friendly quotation, that you can add your logo and company details to.

In the same instance, you’ll have at your fingertips, cost reports, material schedules, profit and cashflow forecasts and more. You can very quickly see where your costs are going and how to optimise your profits. project costing-construction-software-for-designers-estimating

Joanna Mulgrew, Group Operations Director explains: “BuildingWorks provides a new way of working. There are no imports or exports. It’s all there. Users can choose from thousands of products, each one rich in information. They can swap elements in and out. The software will show the impact on cost and performance in an instant, making project costing so much easier.”

She adds, “Reviews of the software at the trial stage have been extremely positive and based on the excellent ratings we’ve been getting, we’re confident we’ll become a ‘best buy’ in no time.”

If you subscribe to the Design module as well, you’ll get an automatic estimate from your drawing. You can find out more about the design module here.

This unique desktop subscription package comes with outstanding support as well. For further information call 0117 916 7880 and speak to one of the team or email