Why your building firm needs to change in 2021

Change? You could be thinking ‘my building firm can’t keep up let alone change!’

Well unless you’re operating in such an efficient way that your projects can easily adapt to market forces – we should talk – busy or not. I’ll start with the bad news – but finish on a high!

First there was Covid-19; then we exited the EU. Those are two huge events that have had a significant impact on the construction industry – from the national housebuilders to the one-man band. The Builders Merchants Federation has announced that a shortage of construction products including roofing materials and timber is starting to take its toll. Production just cannot keep up with demand. And prices are rising fast.

Then there are the building products imported from the Far East. The current sky rocketing cost of containers means that either UK companies cannot afford to send for them, or the end user will simply not pay the inflated retail price. There’s even a shortage of the actual containers!

And as a result of Covid-19, we now have social distancing on site, additional cleaning protocols, and an increase in absences due to isolating or recovery from the virus itself. Stay with me on this!

So what does Covid-19, Brexit and scarce or expensive materials mean for you?

Well the job you’re on now is most likely not the one you quoted for say, six or nine months ago. Your original build programme in no way resembles what you’re currently faced with. The job is proceeding far more slowly than it should be.

The costs you quoted didn’t allow for fewer people on site for a longer period of time or delays in supplies. Maybe you’ve had to contract more subbies than anticipated. Material delays have added weeks. The cost of the materials when they do arrive don’t cost anywhere near what they did at the outset…

Not all doom and gloom: we have what your building firm needs to change

It’s time to administratively manage your projects better.

There’s not much that can be done about the job you’re on other than being transparent with the customer. Frank conversations about materials and labour issues are key.

But anything still to be started can be re-assessed and new proposals can be caveated. If you have our BuildingWorks platform in your toolkit, change for your building firm will come more easily.

  • Your quotes will be accurate at the start – our price book has the latest prices
  • You will be able to swap products in and out at a press of a button
  • You won’t be duplicating your efforts – the changes will appear everywhere
  • A change in cost can be shown to the customer in minutes
  • You’ll be able to give the customer choice – what if we do this – or that?
  • Your professional administrative skills will set you apart from the many competitors
  • Quick reactions could win you the work.

To be able to respond quickly to any changes is a seriously significant stress reliever. The software’s Design and Estimate modules will give you so much more scope and will ease what is already a busy time.

As you draw or measure your building plan, it calls on a library of over 15,000 data-rich BIM products and nearly 5000 rates to generate a live cost breakdown of materials, labour, rates and energy performance.

BuildingWorks with spec copy

As every alteration is made, the effect of the change cascades across the entire project

When the job needs altering you can review the design in real-time, swapping products and rates in and out of the project. You can then supply the client with a new quotation, a new full Bill of Quantities (NRM), detailed costings, new build program and full schedule of works itemising everything required to construct the project (materials, labour and plant).

Are enforced changes to a prospective project worth it?

Is the job still viable? Maybe the specification changes will reduce the project’s profit margin. BuildingWorks provides everything you need to evaluate the feasibility and profitability of a project.

Want to know more?

For a fully supported instant 30-day trial of this integrated design and estimating process visit our download page.

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