New Construction takeoff software for UK builders & developers in 2017

BuildingWorks is the new construction takeoff software for UK builders and developers that is going to bring hugely advantageous technological benefits to the domestic construction industry. Builders and house builders looking to review how they produce takeoffs from plans and modernise the way they work will love BuildingWorks. In addition, it’s is an easy on-screen software option. Which can help them speed up and improve the accuracy of takeoffs.

Takeoffs from PDF and importing CAD files

Moreover, importing AutoCAD or Revit files (DWG, DXF) and even image files such as BMP or JPEG is incredibly easy. Importing a PDF is quick and straightforward too and once your plans are in BuildingWorks you simply use the on-screen takeoff tools to effectively trace over them. Got paper plans? Scan them to create a PDF or image file ready for an on-screen takeoff. Remember, with all the takeoff techniques described, the software is estimating as you work to save you time and effort. Read on to find out the details…

How to use software for construction takeoffsNew-construction-takeoff-software-for-domestic-construction-companies

Additionally, Integro created BuildingWorks takeoff software specifically for builders and developers to make it easy to use.Once you have imported your building plan, trace over them using simple drag and drop tools.  Allowing to place all the walls, doors, windows and so forth. Moreover, it specifies real materials directly from a catalogue of thousands of data rich materials as you go. All the time you are adding materials, the software is intelligently putting together your estimate, quote, Bill of Quants, Gantt chart and more reports in real-time. At any point, you can switch between Design and Estimate to review your construction cost and make any changes necessary.

Automatically produce 2D elevations and 3D models from your plans

Not only does the software produce the estimate, Bill of Quantities (NRM)quote and a complete range of management reports automatically, but also it also simultaneously produces 2D elevations and detailed 3D models. And there’s more! You can easily create photorealistic 3Ds using life like finishes and even place your model on site.

Or draw your building plans from scratch

If you do not have a set of building plans yet, BuildingWorks is here to help! You can draw out your own plans with no previous CAD knowledge required. Read our article on how you can use BuildingWorks to turn your building firm into a design and build construction company.

Find out more about new construction takeoff software

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