Turn your building firm into a design and build company

With BuildingWorks construction software, it is easy for any UK builder or developer to turn their building firm into a design and build company. With completely integrated building software modules, building firms and designers can draft plans with instant estimates produced automatically. Currently only 14% of UK building firms provide a design and build service. Set yourself apart from the competition with BuildingWorks Design and Estimate modules. Read on to find out how…

Design software designed for builders – No CAD experience needed!

Construction software experts, Integro Construction Software, have designed BuildingWorks software to help builders and developers of any size and any technical ability produce building plans and estimates with minimal effort and maximum reward. Due to our construction industry background, we offer straightforward and easy to use software, providing builders with everything they need. Our aim is that any building company with any level of IT knowledge can use the software. No previous CAD knowledge required!

Design and estimate simultaneously

The beauty of BuildingWorks is that all the modules work seamlessly together simultaneously! Whilst you draw out your plans, your estimate is automatically costed and your quote is updated, in real time! You are able to effortlessly swap back and forth to track the materials and labour required. In fact, by simply hovering on the 3D model or plan in the Design module you can get info on all the data rich materials, including costs and U-values to help you make informed decisions on the building materials and methods you are choosing, as you draw up your floor plan!

The benefits of designing and estimating together

There are tonnes of benefits of designing and estimating together. There are the obvious time and effort saving advantages of automatically generating your estimates and a whole range of useful reports such as BoQ/NRM, Gantt charts and more, direct from your plans. Another crucial reason to produce your estimates straight from your plans is that there is less chance of inaccuracies and errors. Moreover, estimate reflects what is in the plan, saving you from forking out when there are discrepancies!

Keeping track of your building project by linking estimating and designdesign and build- BuildingWorks

You are also likely to save money by keeping an eye on costs as you work.  Allowing you to make smart ‘optioneering’ decisions. This same logic applies to any aspect of the build at any stage of the build!

Gives you the chance to make changes anything, at any time effortlessly during any stage of the project. Also, allowing you to work with an up-to-date estimate, give clients current quotes, reflecting changes and helping keep track.

Construction software for designated designers or multi-skilled job roles


The company has designated software and separate estimator, allowing you the perfect opportunity to work as a team or alone! BuildingWorks is ideal for collaboratively working with easy pack and go shareable files. In addition, if you already have plans, it’s easy to import AutoCAD and Revit files, PDF and other image files and then trace over plans on-screen. Read our article about on-screen takeoffs for more information.

Be the first to benefit from BuildingWorks design and build software

Give us a call on 0117 916 7880 to find out more about using BuildingWorks for your designing and estimating or how the software can help your building firm become a design and build company. You can also leave us an email at hello@getbuildingworks.com or you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and 1-2-1 demonstration.