Software as a Service for your building company

Subscription construction software means that you don’t have to spend large amounts of money upfront for construction software. Instead typically software is available on a small monthly fee per user. And that’s how it operates with BuildingWorks. We make it easy for you to scale up the number of users and modules that your business needs. The summary is, save up front and expand the solution as you grow.

According to Gartner, by 2020, more than 80% of software will be purchased via subscription. It’s the way forward and here’s why.

The advantages of subscription pricing

Simple pricing – software pricing can sometimes seem confusing –licences, additional users, extra support costs…the list goes on, but with BuildingWorks you simply choose the modules you want, how many users, and how long you want the software for and that’s it. Every user costs the same amount per month*, and support is fully included for every user!

No upfront costs – Subscription pricing means you pay for it monthly, so there are no high upfront costs or risk to worry about. Just choose the BuildingWorks software modules you want and pay a simple monthly fee for them.

Flexibility – you can start with just one user, and just one module, and add more modules as you require. And as your business expands, add on additional users at the same low price.

Best support – By the very nature of subscription software it’s in our interests to ensure you are a happy user and maximizing your investment as quickly as possible. That’s why we invest a huge amount of time and effort in our Help Desk and provide complementary technical support so hopefully you like what you see, and keep using it. And maybe you’ll add on additional BuildingWorks modules 🙂

Continuous updates without extra cost – all users get access to updated software as the updates are launched without any upgrade fees. This way you’ll get new and innovative software tools to run your projects as soon as they hit the streets.

Turn fixed cost into variable cost-  If you buy software outright: fixed cost, if you subscribe to software: variable cost. It’s very useful to run software as a variable cost.  You can stop paying when your subscription period comes to an end…similarly you might see it as a benefit for your software to act as an operating expense to reduce your profits in the year, in order to reduce the corporation tax you pay on the profits you make from doing business. So rather than HMRC for the privilege of you doing well, you can choose to invest in your business.

*the longer your subscription, the cheaper your monthly paymentSoftware-as-a-service-BuildingWorks-construction-software

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