David Owen, David Owen Associates

Position: Owner

Company: David Owen Associates

Products Used:

    David Owen, a highly experienced architect, has a small practice in South Wales. Chatting to David, he revealed that two of his five children have entered the same profession; one is an architect and the other an architect technologist, so fair to say that building design is something of a passion in the Owen family.

    David has been producing Schedules of Works for many years, and believes BuildingWorks to be an excellent find. “It’s helping enormously!”

    David uses the BuildingWorks Design & Estimate Professional QS suite to assist him in the production of the schedules, and what the software cannot provide David adds manually to complete his detailed instructional information.

    Plus, when clients request costings from him as well, David again utilizes the Bill of Quantities and pricing information automatically available in the software platform.

    David takes off the design he’s imported into the software using the straightforward design tools, which he got to grips with very quickly. So is there a standout feature? “I like the fact that the 3D image which is appearing in real-time as I trace, will highlight any missing elements or issues, as I go.

    “Without doubt BuildingWorks makes getting to the cost much quicker, and gives me confidence that what I’m providing is correct. And I should add, it’s making my fee a more realistic one!

    “I know from talking to Marc, the BuildingWorks Technical Demonstrator, that new features are being added on a regular basis, and the library of objects is ever growing. So I know I can look forward to even more from the software in the future.”

    If you’d like to know more about how BuildingWorks could transform your own business simply request a trial or give us a call on 0117 916 7880.